Pleated Blinds

Pleated blind is a solution blind that offers comfort, aesthetics and quality to its users. Unlike the blind systems we are used to, it provides heat, light and sound control in your living spaces.

Pleated blinds can be easily used in your home, office, winter garden, glass balcony, automobile and boats.

Our products are produced from 1st quality fabrics and each one is washable. With its easy-to-use mechanisms, it allows you to maintain the comfort of your home in a healthy way. Pleated blind systems are divided into two as 14mm glass balcony and 20mm decorative blind systems.

14mm Glass Balcony Pleated Blind

Glass balcony blinds systems developed by Plicell for the first time in the world; It can be operated from the bottom up and from the top down. Thanks to these features, it has the advantage of easily providing heat and light control. Our blinds , which can be used in your glass balconies and winter gardens, are an alternative blind system in this sense.

When desired, it can be used as a sunshade or tulle blind thanks to its day and night model.

It can be mounted by screwing to the glass balcony profile or, if desired, by sticking it without any drilling. All accessories and fabrics of the glass balcony system are produced in accordance with outdoor conditions. Our glass balcony systems can be easily disassembled and cleaned as easily as our indoor systems.

20mm Pleated Blind

Handle Pleated Blind Systems

This blind system has the privilege of being applied to difficult areas such as roof, ceiling, triangle and angled windows as well as classical windows.Thanks to its ergonomic mechanism, you can position your blind from bottom to top or from top to bottom, and you can provide light control as you wish. Our handle systems can be easily disassembled and reassembled whenever you want and can be easily cleaned.

The day-night system has the opportunity to be used as a sunshade or tulle blind in line with the needs of our users.

Drawstring Pleated Blind Systems

With the possibility of positioning the Plicell blind system from bottom to top or from top to bottom, you can provide light control as you wish.

Our rope systems can be easily disassembled and installed, and cleaning can be carried out easily.

The day-night system provides the opportunity to be used as a sunshade or tulle blind in line with the needs of our users.

Asymmetrical Pleated Blind Systems

Plicell Asymmetric Blind Systems; It is a mechanical blind system that produces solutions for your roofs, ceilings and windows of all sizes and geometric shapes.

Our asymmetric blind systems have a structure that can be easily cleaned as in our other blinds.

Ceiling Pleated Blind Systems

Ceiling systems, which are produced to block the sun coming from the skylights and protect the aesthetic appearance, add comfort to the living spaces of our users in terms of providing daylight control and being able to be opened and closed with a control stick or remote control.

You can also use compact ceiling systems that can be mounted without drilling any holes in your ceiling windows; You can add aesthetics to your preferences.

Our ceiling systems can be used in a way that can be opened in one or two directions, depending on the environment in which they will be applied; can be easily cleaned.

Motorized Pleated Blind Systems

Remote controlled Motorized Plicell blind systems increase user comfort to the maximum level.

This system, designed in accordance with remote control, button and smart home systems; ceiling, roof systems, winter garden systems and bottom-up classical blind systems work in the same way.

Compact Pleated Blind Systems

Compact System Plicell blinds ; It is a framed blind system that can be mounted on PVC, aluminum windows, roof/ceiling and joinery without drilling any holes.

Thanks to their user-friendly designs, you can disassemble and install our compact systems whenever you want, and you can easily clean them.

14mm Glass Balcony Pleated Series

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20mm Glass Balcony Pleated Series

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